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In addition to on-site training we offer web-based sessions especially intended for individuals interested in developing their knowledge of IP and IPR. You can join them comfortably from your own computer – from your office or at home.

Each webinar will last a good hour and will consist of a well-balanced combination of presentation and interactive elements like a Q&A session and practical examples.

For our webinars we use WebEx conferencing technology. For more information on how to join our courses via WebEx, please refer to our webinar guide which you may download here.

Just check here the webinar schedule of 2017!


In case you are interested in webinars for a certain group of people, please contact us to check availabilities. As far as possible we offer the same webinars as in our regular schedule.

Basic Intermediate Advanced

All training sessions include a basic introduction to the services of the European IPR Helpdesk.

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