Training approach and target groups


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"Capacity building" is the magic term regarding our training activities. Based on a very practical and comprehensive training approach the European IPR Helpdesk provides free of charge training on Intellectual Property (IP) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to current and potential beneficiaries of EU funded projects as well as to European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) negotiating or concluding transnational partnership agreements. The overall goal of these training activities is to enable our target audiences to develop their own IP management strategies and processes.

We can address many of your inquiries and practical problems by offering training events that range from sessions addressing basic issues of IP management and IPR in EU funded research programmes, up to more advanced workshops covering rather specialised subjects such as IP exploitation or technology transfer.

In the first place, we aim at organising courses on a large scale in cooperation with key multipliers working in direct contact with SMEs and researchers, such as National Contact Points (NCPs) for H2020 & CIP or member institutions of the Enterprise Europe Network to ensure a broader outreach of our training activities. Apart from this, we are eager to meet as many training requests from individual institutions like universities, SMEs or H2020/FP7 projects as possible.

Training courses are delivered in two ways: on-site or web-based.

Target Groups

Multipliers or Intermediaries
(e.g. NCPs or Enterprise Europe Network) working in direct contact with researchers and/or SMEs
EU funded research project/network,
R&D institution, university
or SME cluster
Individual researcher
or SME

join one of the international open IP training events organised directly by us - the Training Team of the EU IPR Helpdesk

Just check our event calendar.

Level of expertise

Basic Intermediate Advanced

Please note that the number and implementation of training events depend on the availability of our trainers.

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