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Reflecting the strong demand for business-oriented IP training, the European IP Helpdesk and the European Patent Academy together with the department of International Patent Law at the EPO are organising a European-wide IP training roadshow to support business and innovation.

Key Questions

  • Why should SMEs bother with IP/IP management?
  • How can they improve their understanding of IP strategy and IP management as a business asset?
  • How can SMEs implement an IP strategy?

Hands-on Approach

The training includes a selection of SME case studies published by the EPO, an update on filing strategies and various contributions from local IP and innovation support stakeholders like the national patent offices and the Enterprise Europe Network.

The SME case studies showcase companies that have used patents and the European patent system to their benefit and created value by successfully including patents in their business strategy.

The SMEs have agreed to share their experience with us. This will increase your understanding of the potential impact of IP for your business, both in the current regime and possibly more in the future Unitary Patent regime. This includes the simplification of administrative procedures, reduced filing costs and the streamlining of litigation.

Target Groups

Technology-driven SMEs including start-ups and their

  • staff involved in IP management
  • staff of IP-related departments like R&D and legal departments
  • SME trainers and advisors


You need to register for each event individually, please follow the links below for more information on the events and registration details.