• A Spanish user writes

    We have met a member of your team in a meeting organized by our mother organization. Team, keep working professionally!

  • A Belgian SME writes

    Thanks from the entire team. We could not expect any better and swifter reaction.

  • An SME based in the UK writes

    Wow, that is all so very interesting and insightful! Thanks a lot.

  • A SME from the Netherlands wrote

    IPR and legal support for SME's is extremely valuable. The more extensive this service is, the better.

  • A UK government organisation writes

    I have used your service twice. Fantastic experience both times. It is not only good, but also makes me feel that I can tab into your wealth of experience in IPR to advance my proposal. I really value your service hugely. Also, I would like to point out that your service is unique as your standpoint is different from a single organisation's standpoint [...], that allows you to look at the EC level collaborations from a broader perspective, which is invaluable! [...] Keep on the good work!

  • An EEN member based in France writes

    I'm a member of the Enterprise Europe Network. We are very satisfied with the answers provided by the IPR HELPDESK. The answers are very useful for the SMEs we work with. The last queries we submitted to the IPR Helpdesk were treated with high professionalism. Answers were clear, motivated and will help the SME to take a decision. Great support !