European Parliament's rapporteur recommends ACTA rejection

David Martin, the European Parliament's rapporteur on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), has announced at a hearing of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D) party last week in Brussels that he will recommend that the Parliament vote against this controversial trade agreement because it does not provide enough guarantees for citizens. 

"Today's conference has confirmed my suspicion that ACTA raises more fears than hopes. […] What it delivers in terms of important intellectual property rights is diminished by potential threats to civil liberties and internet freedom. […] When the European Parliament rejects ACTA, the Commission must work to find other ways to defend European intellectual property in the global marketplace", David Martin affirmed.

The rapporteur will present his proposal on April 25, the parliamentary committee for international trade will vote on it by the end of May, and the plenary session of the Parliament will give its final word before the summer.

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PATENTSCOPE: latest developments

The PATENTSCOPE database administered by WIPO has been improved with the aim of rendering it more user-friendly.

The following are the latest developments of the PATENTSCOPE search system:

  • Response time
  • New and enhanced operators
  • Robust highlighting and hit maps
  • Display of Query trees

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Brazil and EPO to enhance co-operation on patents

The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) of Brazil and the European Patent Office (EPO) have signed a bilateral agreement aimed at enhancing co-operation between the two offices, with a view to support innovation through the improved use of the patent system. Amongst other activities, the INPI and EPO will, under this agreement, exchange patent documents in Portuguese and English to create bilingual text corpora for use in the free Patent Translate service on the EPO's website. This will facilitate the filing of patent applications by Brazilian companies in Europe and by European companies in Brazil.

The partnership will focus on sharing best practices on patent grant procedures, on capacity-building, patent information and IT solutions, including e-Patentes, which is built on EPO technology.

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Patent information

INPI is organizing a workshop dedicated to patent information. In this event, participants will get familiar with the different IP databases available online, such as espacenet and OHIM’s tools.

The working language will be French.

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Thu, 05/24/2012

Inventor’s one-year grace period under the AIA has begun

Although the first-to-file provisions of section 3 of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA), the recent US patent bill, do not take effect until March 16, 2013, last Friday marked a milestone leading up to that date. The consequence for anyone wishing to file a patent in the US Patent and Trade Mark Office is that if a third party now makes a disclosure, that will constitute prior art. This will constitute an impediment to claim your invention, because only the inventor’s own disclosures are not regarded as prior art.

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