Guide to R&D in China for European SMEs

The China IPR SME Helpdesk has recently released a new guide for small businesses wishing to carry out R&D activities in China.

Many European SMEs engage in activities which fall under at least one of the terms: research or development. When engaging in R&D in China, new intellectual property is being created, the rights to which need to be clearly defined from the outset to avoid disagreements later on. This expert-written guide provides practical information, highlighting some important issues to consider when researching and developing in China, and describing some strategies and techniques that could be useful.

The guide can be freely downloadable here.

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IP specificities in research for the benefit of SMEs

This specific funding scheme has been set up by the European Commission within the Capacities programme under the FP7. The purpose of this support is to help SMEs outsource research and extend their international network. It also aims at increasing their research efforts and better exploiting research results. Accordingly, the Intellectual Property regime slightly differs from the common FP7 rules on IP.

The main purpose of the present fact sheet is thus to highlight the IP rules specific to these actions.

IP issues in brokerage events

We are pleased to inform you that the European IPR Helpdesk has issued a fact sheet with the intention of providing an overview of the main IP issues that should be considered when participating in a brokerage event.

These events are an easy, cheap and quick way for companies’ representatives to develop business partnerships and mainly to commercially exploit their intellectual property assets. Yet, such events may present some risks connected to IP, that all participants should be aware of. The document aims at bringing forward some of the fundamental aspects which any company should take into consideration, to avoid possible drawbacks so as to successfully participate in brokerage events.