IP due diligence: assessing value and risks of intangibles


We are pleased to announce you that the European IPR Helpdesk has issued a new fact sheet on IP due diligence. The knowledge of this intricate topic is fundamental for organizations having the purpose to acquire IP, raising capital and seeking financial assistance. Although IP due diligence is a precondition for any capital investment, it can be helpful for enforcing IP rights and reducing the IP-related costs as well. In a few words, IP due diligence can be considered as an essential process when developing an IP strategy.

This fact sheet has the scope of illustrating when, why and how to conduct IP due diligence mainly from an SME perspective, in order to increase its marketability. Nevertheless its content is suitable for investigations carried out by any organisation, such as public and private RTOs (Research and Technology Organisations) and universities.

Follow the link below to know more about this issue.

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“Resolving IP Disputes” Booklet

This paper forms part of the Intellectual Property (IP) Healthcheck series of the U.K. Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), a suite of booklets and online tools for business which have been developed to help you identify your intellectual assets and advise you how best to exploit and protect them.

There are five IP Healthcheck booklets in this series:

  • Licensing Intellectual Property;
  • Agreeing a Price for Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements;
  • Choosing the Right IP Adviser;
  • Resolving IP Disputes.

This booklet provides information on the options available to users and right holders in relation to ADR and the court system. It further helps IP users, in particular businesses, understand and implement measures to prevent and tackle any instances of IP rights infringement and therefore avoid possible legal, IT security and reputational risks.

To read the full paper, please click here

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Resolving potential IPR conflicts within an FP7 project

The present case study brings to your attention the importance of having a sound IP management during FP7 projects, able also to foresee actions aimed at avoiding and resolving potential IPR conflicts arising during and after the project implementation.

This would indeed lead to a successful research project and to an enhanced marketability of the project results.

Just click on the below document to read more about this important issue!

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Designed for growth: Design to push innovation

Design plays a key role as an intangible asset for EU innovative companies. 21% of European companies use design as a strategic means to encourage innovation and the EU's design sector has an annual turnover of €36 billion. In order to fully exploit designs' potential to boost innovation, growth and job creation, the European Commission set up the European Design Innovation Initiative.

21 policy recommendations have recently been presented by the European Design Leadership Board, addressing six areas for strategic action:

  • the global stage; including identifying and strengthening existing European Design Centres, and creating a "Designed in the European Union" label;
  • Europe's innovation system; including new methods to measure the growth impact of investment in design, and including design within innovation and business incubators and their networks;
  • Europe's enterprises; including strengthening design innovation in SMEs and facilitating access to finance for design-led companies;
  • the public sector; including increasing the use of design and designers in public sector innovation by establishing design labs;
  • the research system; including embedding design research in Europe’s research system; and
  • the education system; including fostering a culture of design learning and encouraging Member States to support the development of design competencies for the 21st century.

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Protecting project results

This case on the Hydrocoat FP7 project focuses on the importance of having the results generated during a research project well protected, mainly when they have a huge commercial impact, in order to reap the full benefits from the R&D activity and to avoid those results being unduly exploited by others.

To have a grasp on how intangibles could be protected have a look to the case in point!

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How to manage confidential business information

We are pleased to announce that the European IPR Helpdesk has released a new fact sheet on “How to manage confidential business information” with the aim of pointing out the importance of confidentiality for businesses and give hints on protection management of confidential business information, which could prove beneficial in particular to small and micro entities.

Such information can certainly have a great commercial value and significant importance for the company concerned and its uncontrolled disclosure might potentially lead to serious consequences. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular may not be aware of this risk and thus of the importance of keeping this valuable information “confidential”.

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EEN Annual Conference 2012

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)'s Annual Conference provides a global forum for Network partners, EU Officials as well as SME managers to exchange and share knowledge. The Conference features many workshops and plenty of networking possibilities. Participants will be able to book rooms for meetings and use the Matchmaking service for pre-arranged one2one meetings.

For further information and registration, please click here.

Mon, 10/22/2012 to Wed, 10/24/2012

From ideas to growth: Helping SMEs get value from their intellectual property

Last April, the UK intellectual property office (UKIPO) published a discussion paper to outline how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can be supported to grow.

This document sets out the UKIPO's plans to provide training and awareness raising for businesses and their advisors, integrate IP advice into the UK Government’s wider business support activities and the ‘Business in You’ campaign, work with schools and universities to provide long term skills and provide new options to help businesses resolve disputes.

For further information and to download the paper please click here.

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