IP Management in the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme

The Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) is intended to contribute to the competitiveness and innovation capability of the European Union. With a particular focus on SMEs, it supports innovation activities (including eco-innovation), promotes the development of a competitive information society, as well as energy sufficiency and renewable energy. By focusing on the downstream parts of the research process, CIP contributes to closing the gap between research and innovation.

As in other EU funding programmes such as the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), Intellectual Property (IP) and its proper management are essential for the success of the projects funded through CIP and for the exploitation of results created within these projects. Thus, this fact sheet aims to provide the main rules on IP and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) applicable in CIP, which all applicants and beneficiaries should be familiar with. The main issues to be considered during the different stages of the project’s life-cycle are also outlined to allow an overview of the required tasks for an efficient management of IP.

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