The European IP Helpdesk mainly addresses its services to European SMEs in English but we are aware that when it comes to providing support to local SMEs, “the language and the national specificities" might be the barriers.

The Enterprise Europe Network, the world’s largest support network for SMEs, and the European IP Helpdesk joined their forces to make you better benefit from their services. 

We know your specific IP issues, we have the solutions

With the cooperation of the European IP Helpdesk and the Enterprise Europe Network, the Enterprise Europe Network advisors, skilled and experienced in IP, become “ European IP Helpdesk Ambassadors”.

They can then offer you a full proximity support thanks to their extended experience in SME advisory combined with their IP knowledge to make you taking the full benefit of all your business assets.

Available and close to SMEs, our Ambassadors put at your disposal all the European IP Helpdesk resources to support your IP based inquiries in your own language and assist you to integrate IP in your business strategies.

  • Do you wish to access our fact sheets in your own language?
  • Are you hesitating to call our Helpline because of language reasons?
  • You wish to receive or organise a training in your home town?

Whatever is your IP issue, just call the European IP Helpdesk Ambassador from your country/region and let us then serve more close to you – just at your doorstep!

Currently, we have 48 ambassadors from 28 European countries:


You can also consult the current list of Ambassadors here