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The Story of Red Points

What is Red Points and how does it work exactly?

Red Points offers an all-in-one SaaS solution for detecting and enforcing online IP infringements, including online counterfeiting, piracy and distribution fraud. Red Points‘ proprietary software currently removes more than hundreds of thousands of incidents of illegal products and content from the web monthly.

Brand Intelligence is a holistic approach to brand protection to offer brands a 360° look at their brand exposure and turn this data into actionable pieces of information to inform their IP strategy.

Red Points’ Brand Intelligence platform utilises artificial intelligence that continuously connects a targeted web crawler to a rule-based rights management database that learns from each account’s history and improves the quality of protection over time. With the help of machine learning tools, such as keyword generation and image recognition, we are able to process the information retrieved across many thousands of online marketplaces, websites and social networks to detect fakes, piracy or sellers online and allow our customers to take enforcement actions.

Hence, we offer different kinds of protection to help brands address the following issues online:

Counterfeit: A product that depicts your trademark, displayed in an offer-listing that contains sufficient information for you to believe or suspect that the good is not original or is trying to pass off as one of your original products.

Brand Abuse: An offer-listing that depicts your trademark in either the title or description of the listing in the form of a prominent keyword. However, the product on offer is not branded, or it is a good from another brand. This is done with the intention to mislead or redirect people, rather than to pass it off as an offer from a genuine brand.

Copyright Abuse: An offer-listing that contains your copyrighted work within the listing (photos or text) to sell a counterfeit product.

Replica: A product that does not depict your trademark, but the photos/media used to display goods in an offer-listing are identical to your registered design or are potentially infringing on the claims of your patent as per the functionality of those goods.

How did you come up with the idea? What challenges did you face as a start-up?

The company was founded in 2011 by an IP lawyer. Initially, the company’s vision was focused on copyright protection. However, 6 years ago, when I joined Red Points as the CEO, the company underwent a massive transformation and pivoted to expand our brand protection remit and shifted to our current SaaS model.

As a fast-growing company, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to grow fast and release new features at the speed of light. However, this can often be a big mistake if not executed well. We truly believe it is key to first ensure that whatever you put on the market is aligned with your main vision; in our case that is to protect brands against IP infringements in order to make e-commerce safer.

Brand Protection

What do you think are major challenges with regard to brand protection, piracy and counterfeiting in general?

The IP protection landscape has undergone a lot of changes in recent years in part due to the rise in popularity of e-commerce sites, whilst copying techniques have also improved so much that some counterfeits now look just like the originals. The truth of the matter is that online sales make fakes even harder to spot.

In order to address this growing issue, our Brand Intelligence platform utilises artificial intelligence that continuously monitors online marketplaces, social media and other websites, connecting that data with

Red Points is the world’s first Brand Intelligence platform. By combining online brand protection, copyright enforcement and distributor monitoring capabilities, Red Points gives their clients full visibility into their brands’ presence online. Over 700 brands rely on Red Points to fight fakes, piracy and distribution abuse online, allowing them to maintain control, improve their brand value and increase revenues.

With offices in Barcelona, Beijing, New York and Salt Lake City, the company serves leading global brands as well as smaller innovators across a variety of sectors, from sports, cosmetics, fashion, entertainment and many more.

The key to the team’s success is their investment in technology and product to make their solution intuitive, effective and easy to use. By leveraging automation and

artificial intelligence, Red Points’ technology enforces intellectual property (IP) rights and removes issues from global online marketplaces with great speed and at scale.

We spoke with Laura Urquizu, CEO and chairperson at Red Points to learn a little bit more about the company’s journey and the challenges of brand protection in a digital world.

Laura Urquizu joined Red Points in 2014 as CEO and Partner. In the past 6 years, Laura has driven the company’s new business model forward, transforming it into a globally renowned “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solution. Following her vision, Red Points has developed its business model to serve global enterprises of all types in online brand protection, digital piracy, counterfeiting, grey market and other online infractions.

Red Points: Making the Internet a Safer Place for Brands and Consumers