European Parliament rejects the proposal to refer ACTA to EU Court of Justice News

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The International Trade Committee of the European Parliament (EP) has rejected the proposal recommending that the Parliament refer the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) to the EU Court of Justice. Members of the EP (MPEs) have expressed several reasons for their denial. Keeping the EP more flexible in its assessment on ACTA is one of the explanations, given that “if Parliament refers ACTA to the court, then it can no longer vote on it”.

Although “the proposal to refer ACTA to the Court of Justice […] was to shed some light that would help MPEs make their decision”, ACTA Rapporteur David Martin said, “however, MEPs today showed they are ready to vote. I am glad that the calendar is clear now and things will move faster. We need to stop discussing the procedure and start the political debate on the content”, he also affirmed.

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