ISPRA Training Event - Speakers

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Jörg Scherer is the Managing Director of Eurice (GmbH), and has been working as a research manager in both the academic and industrial sector for the past ten years. He has an outstanding track record in the coordination, management and administration of over 40 European RTD projects, spanning the 4th-7th EU Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development. Mr Scherer is frequently invited by the EU Commission, national and regional government agencies for science and technology, as well as research institutions and companies, to speak on and conduct training sessions about research and project management issues as well as IP and innovation related activities within EU Framework Programmes. He has been involved in European IPR Helpdesk activities since 2005. Within the current service provider team, he is co-ordinating a comprehensive IP capacity building programme scheme with over 50 training sessions a year in the field of IP management.

Dr Sabine Albrecht is working as programme manager IPR & Business Development with Eurice GmbH. Here she is primarily involved in IPR training activities and contract negotiation with regard to FP7 Life Science projects. Ms Albrecht has a background in natural sciences (biology/agriculture) and holds a Ph.D. from Georg August University of Göttingen. She has work experience in public relations (biotechnology and genetic engineering) as well as in managing regulatory and IP rights at a German seed-company. Additionally she worked as patent manager for a chemicals company, as well in the area of genetic engineering, before joining Eurice. In the frame of the European IPR Helpdesk initiative she is currently in charge of managing the training activities. This includes the setting-up of effective contacts to relevant stakeholders, as well as the overall planning, implementation and evaluation of training events.

Dr Britta Seidel-Speer is a legal expert with the European IPR Helpdesk as of 2011. She has professional working experience as a Technology Transfer lawyer with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, as a consultant supporting R&D institutes for applied R&D, high-tech SMEs and SMEs active in the innovation management sector: Since 2005 she has participated as legal expert in variety of EU-funded projects targeting IP management, technology transfer and entrepreneurship. Ms Seidel-Speer has a background in law – majoring in European Community Law and International Private Law in Munich, Lausanne, Geneva and Strasbourg. She holds a Ph.D. in International Private Law from the Free University of Berlin. She is an Attorney at Law since 1989.

Guido Dominoni is the coordinator of SIMPLER, the Consortium which represents the Enterprise Europe Network in Lombardy and in Emilia-Romagna. Enterprise Europe Network is the international network created by the European Commission to help SMEs to access innovation, new markets and European Programmes for research (i.e. FP7). Graduated in Industrial Technologies Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, project manager of FP6 and regional projects and senior technology transfer officer, since 2001 he has been working in Cestec, the Regional Centre for the Technological Development, Energy and Competitiveness of Enterprises.