EC proposal for reforming data protection rules in the EU


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The European Commission has proposed a comprehensive reform of the EU's 1995 data protection rules to strengthen online privacy rights and boost Europe's digital economy. The 27 EU Member States have implemented the 1995 rules differently, resulting in divergences in enforcement. A single law will eliminate the current fragmentation and costly administrative burdens, leading to savings which could amount to around 2.3 billion a year for businesses. The initiative will help reinforce consumer confidence in online services, providing a much needed boost to growth, jobs and innovation in Europe.

Some key changes will include:

•    A single set of rules on data protection;
•    A single national data protection authority in any  EU country;
•    Easier access for users to their own data and the 'right to data portability';
•    A ‘right to be forgotten’;
•    Rules for police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

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