Any dissemination (including publications on web-pages) should be delayed until a decision about its possible protection has been made (through IPRs or trade secrets).

The other participants may object to the dissemination activity if their legitimate interests, in relation to their foreground or background, could suffer disproportionately great harm. Therefore, no dissemination of foreground may take place before a decision is made regarding its possible protection.

The other participants must be given at least 45 days prior notice in writing of any planned dissemination activity (including new web-pages divulging any results obtained), together with sufficient information about the intended dissemination.

The participants may agree in writing (for example in the consortium agreement) on different time-limits to those set out above, which may include a deadline for determining the appropriate steps to be taken to ensure that for example publications relating to a specific piece of foreground are not postponed or delayed unreasonably.

Under FP7, the Commission only needs to be notified ex-ante of dissemination intentions when the foreground to be disseminated is capable of industrial and commercial application and has not been formally protected. Where this is the case, no dissemination activities can take place before the Commission has been informed, in order to give the Commission an opportunity to protect that foreground on its own behalf.