Council agrees to extend the Euratom framework programme for nuclear research (2012-2013) News

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Last week, the Council of the European Union agreed to extend the current Euratom framework programme for nuclear research, which expires this year, for two more years. For further information, please click here.

The Rules for Participation under the Euratom programme are set out in a different proposal of the European Commission for a Council Regulation. Under this proposal, available for download here, the European Commission provides “the vehicle for implementing the Framework programme 2012-2013, building on the same principles established in the Seventh Euratom Framework Programme (2007-2011)”. Consequently, beneficiaries will continue to use the model grant agreement adopted under the Euratom Seventh Framework Programme, which contains most of the IPR Rules for the implementation and the execution of the projects under this programme.

Council of the European Union,