FP7 was adopted by the European Union (EU) with clear objectives, in particular to strengthen industrial competitiveness and to meet the research needs of other EU policies. It is therefore natural that the EU shaped this funding programme with regulations, some concerning IP, aimed at better achieving those goals. Hence, participants should be familiar with the specific IP rules related to the programme in question. It is of particular importance in terms of IP to consider the following documents:

  • the Rules for Participation, for the general legal framework;
  • the Model Grant Agreement concerning the specific programme (by reading this document, in particular Annex II, applicants may anticipate the specific IP rules they would have to comply with in case the proposal is accepted);
  • the call fiche (to verify whether there is any special clause to be included in the Model Grant Agreement related to IP);
  • the Guides for Applicants applicable to the specific call which may help to identify the concrete evaluation criteria that may require the consideration of IP related matters;
  • Guide to Intellectual Property Rules for FP7 Projects, which explains important aspects that participants may encounter when they are preparing and participating.