It is to be noted that there is no binding model of a Consortium Agreement. The European Commission has only made available a check list with non-binding guidelines on the issues that participants may consider while drafting their Consortium Agreements.

However, there are several models of Consortium Agreements that have been created by different entities and may be used by participants in H2020 projects. The DESCA model is suitable for all multi-beneficiary projects, the EUCAR model is mainly for automotive R&D projects,the MCARD model for ICT related projects and the LERU and BAK models for MSCA ITN projects.

The above models may help you personalise/complete your consortium agreement. Have, however, in mind that they show only examples of possible approaches and do not show all alternatives for a given situation – you may adjust them for the specific needs of your particular consortium to the extent that such modifications are not in conflict with the Grant Agreement or the Horizon 2020 Rules for Participation.