Wednesday, 18.01.2017
10.30-11.15 am (Central European Time, UTC + 1) - the webinar session will open 15 minutes before the official start
European IPR Helpdesk
Claire Fentsch


The next presentation will be organised in September 2017.


Language: English

Do you want to know more about the European IPR Helpdesk?

With this webinar the European IPR Helpdesk aims to present its services, with a particular focus on the services available to assist participants in Horizon 2020.

According to the external evaluation of the European IPR Helpdesk service for the period 2011 - 2013, the increased usage of its services indicates that there is a visible need for an efficient support service that helps participants in the EU Framework Programmes in dealing with intellectual property.

In this same evaluation, stakeholders have shared the opinion that the European IPR Helpdesk plays a critical role, acting as an honest broker in relation to intellectual property related agreements, helping them to resolve disputes and allowing investment commitments to be taken up.

Duration: 30 minutes (presentation) + 15 minutes (Q&As)

Fee: The webinar is offered free of charge.


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