Joint organisation of training events


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The European IPR Helpdesk strategically plans its events schedule in order to get as near as possible to researchers and European Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) participating in EU-funded collaborative research projects. In addition it addresses SMEs involved in international technology transfer processes.

If you are a multiplier or intermediary (e.g. National Contact Point, a member of the Enterprise Europe Network) working in direct contact with researchers and/or SMEs or an EU funded research project/network, R&D institution, university or SME cluster, then you could be the co-organiser of one of our large trainings like:

You only have to accept and provide certain conditions:

  • the event is open to public (international audience allowed)
  • premises and infrastructure allow up to 80 participants

Both training concepts aim at introducing the participants to the new Horizon 2020 programme, "IP Management in H2020" in general as well as "IP in Business" which gives a more practical view about the use of IP rights in special fields of the market.