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Helpline / Success Story

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Fed4FIRE is an Integrating Project under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) addressing the work programme topic Future Internet Research and Experimentation. The project is performed by a consortium of 17 partner organisations from 8 countries, mainly public research organisations.

In order to enable experimentally driven research, a number of projects for building a European facility for Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) have been launched, each project targeting a specific community within the Future Internet ecosystem. Through the federation of these infrastructures, innovative experiments can break the boundaries of these domains and infrastructure developers can use common tools of the federation, allowing them to focus on their core testbed activities. Recent projects have already successfully demonstrated the advantages of federation within a community. The Fed4FIRE project intends to implement the next step in these activities by successfully federating across the community borders and offering openness for future extensions.

With this principle of openness in mind, many of the deliverables of this project are public. These deliverables are therefore intended to be widely disseminated outside the project, namely through download in the project’s website. However, during the implementation of the project some partners showed concerns with this dissemination strategy, since they believed this could harm their copyright in those deliverables, which in their understanding must be protected. Moreover, some partners suggested the use of Creative Commons licensing, but there was some disagreement on this possible solution.

Since the partners could not reach a common understanding on this matter, which could potentially affect the timely implementation of the project, the Coordinator of this project, iMinds, contacted the Helpline of the European IPR Helpdesk. According to iMinds “the answer we received from the Helpline helped a lot in our discussion.

With “direct and concise” information that was “understandable for engineers”, the partners in Fed4FIRE “finally came to a solution”. Having started in October 2012, the Fed4FIRE project is currently in its development phase which is expected to run until September 2015.