In case of prolonged non-use of its mark, the owner may be deprived of its rights. Revocation of a mark is always pronounced by the courts following an application for revocation of the rights of the proprietor. It may be requested by any person if the owner has not begun to exploit its trade mark as it has been registered or has abandoned the use of its trade mark.  Revocation of a mark may be total or partial - for all or part of the goods and services specified in the deposit.

In most countries, a mark will not be so cancelled unless it can be established that there has been at least three years of non-use. In this context, it would be advisable to check the legal position in the country or countries for which the trade mark has been registered. If, however, the owner of a mark can establish that, despite every intention to use the mark, it was prevented from doing so due to circumstances beyond its control, the mark may not be subject to cancellation.