Webinar: Technology Watch


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Monday, 22.04.2013
10.30-11.45 am (Luxembourg, GMT + 2) - the webinar session will open 15 minutes before the official start
EU IPR Helpdesk
Cyrille Dubois

Level of Expertise: Advanced

Language: English

Prerequisites: General knowledge of intellectual property

The webinar will provide an overview of key aspects in the fields of technology watch and competitive intelligence.

Learning Objectives

After the training, participants should be able to answer the following main questions:

  • What are the objectives of technology watch and competitive intelligence?
  • How do I set up an information monitoring activity/strategy?
  • What are the information sources available to perform technology watch and competitive intelligence?
  • How do I use publicly available information sources and commercial software to perfom information analysis activities?
  • What are the main indicators that can be constructed using IP information?

Duration: 60 minutes (presentation) + 15 minutes (Q&As)

Fee: The webinar is offered free of charge.

Registration: Please follow the link "Register here" at the bottom of the page.

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