If you have decided to protect your invention by patent in several European and non-European countries, you may consider filing an international patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Similarly to the EPC, the PCT provides for the filing of a single patent application (usually called an international application) with effect in several countries. The difference is that a PCT patent application does not have a regional scope like the EPC, but an international one. For further information on the procedure to file a patent under the PCT, we suggest that you consult the following links:

(i) Countries where PCT International procedure is available;

(ii) The PCT’s Applicant Guide prepared by WIPO;

(iii) The Guide for Applicants prepared by the EPO.

Please note that filing a patent application is highly technical and has important implications in terms of cost and time. Therefore, we encourage you to seek legal advice before taking the decision to submit any patent application.