The European Union and Mercosur states - Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay – reached on 28th June a political agreement for an ambitious, balanced and comprehensive trade deal.

The goal of this new EU-Mercosur trade agreement is to:

  • Remove market barriers and help EU firms – especially smaller ones – export more;

  • Strengthen workers’ rights and ensure environmental protection, encourage companies to act responsibly, and uphold high food safety standards;

  • Protect quality EU food and drink products labelled as Geographical Indications from imitations.

Regarding this last point, the new trade deal should have important consequences in terms of intellectual property rights as Mercosur countries will put in place legal guarantees protecting from imitation 357 high-quality European food and drink products recognised as Geographical Indications (GIs), such as Tiroler Speck (Austria), Fromage de Herve (Belgique), Münchener Bier (Germany), Comté (France), Prosciutto di Parma (Italy), Polska Wódka (Poland), Queijo S. Jorge (Portugal), Tokaji (Hungary) or Jabugo (Spain).

You can read the European Commission’s entire press release on this topic here, and related documentation here.