Madrid System - Amendments to Common Regulations


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A number of amendments to the Common Regulations under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol entered into force on November 1, 2017.

They aim at assisting IP Offices of Madrid System members and cover a wide range of topics, but trademark owners and users of the Madrid System will benefit directly from three key changes:

  1. Voluntary description of a mark (Rule 9): to help avoid the risk of a provisional refusal, you can now include a voluntary description of your mark in an international application or subsequent designation.
  2. Appointment or cancellation of a representative (Rules 3, 25 and 32): WIPO will notify the IP Offices in the countries/regions covered by your registration, and publish the appointment or cancellation in the WIPO Gazette.
  3. Cancellation of subsequent designation of the United States caused by irregularities with Form MM18 (Rule 24(5)(c)): only the designation of the United States will be cancelled, any other countries/regions included in your request will no longer be affected.

Learn everything about these changes on WIPO's website, here.