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My company is applying to the SME Instrument (phase 2). We want to make a medical application, that seems to be very innovative, but we do not want to make any mistakes in our SME proposal. Can you indicate us how we should tackle the IP in our proposal?

The main points that should be addressed in the IP section with a proposal for the SME Instrument phase 2 calls, are listed in the “Impact section” of the Technical Annex of the proposal template. The content outlined in this section is related to the planned activities for dissemination and exploitation of the results and to intellectual property, knowledge protection and regulatory issues.
Please note that the IP subsection should tackle issues such as:

  • Identification of the background – definition of the project background, i.e. existing knowledge and other assets that will be necessary to successfully implement the project;
  • Identification of the project results - the content of your proposal does not have to be fully exhaustive on this point, but should identify the results which are foreseen, bearing in mind that unforeseen results might be created in the course of the project;
  • Identification of the corresponding intellectual property rights (if any) or alternative means of protection; you could also write about the means of securing your trade secrets (confidentiality issues); furthermore you could mention a possible trade mark protection - if you decide to commercialise your medical application under a specific name/logo with a specific geographical scope. To sum up, results generated under your project, such as data, inventions, know-how etc. — in whatever form or nature - can be managed and protected in different ways.
  • “Freedom to operate” issues;
  • Strategy for knowledge management and protection;
  • Ownership regime applicable to the results - this has to be compatible with the ownership provisions of the Grant Agreement - please see the SME Instrument Model Grant Agreement.

Please remember that the overall goal of this subsection of the proposal is to show that you have a plan for knowledge management - concrete measures to be undertaken during the project's lifetime and beyond with the purpose of allowing an optimal protection, and consequently, the most effective exploitation and dissemination of valuable assets resulting from your project.