The European Commission anounced last week, on International Women's Day, the four winners of the 2017 Horizon 2020-funded EU Prize for Women Innovators:

  • 1st Prize (€100,000): Ms Michela Magas, of Croatian/British nationality, founder of Stromatolite, a UK Design Innovation Lab with a studio in Sweden, building a new generation of incubation and creative technology toolkits for innovation.
  • 2nd Prize (€50,000): Ms Petra Wadström from Sweden, founder of Solvatten, which produces a portable water purifier and water heater that are powered by solar energy.
  • 3rd Prize (€30,000): Ms Claudia Gärtner from Germany, founder of microfluidic ChipShop, which provides “lab-on-a-chip” systems as miniaturised solutions for better diagnostics.
  • the Rising Innovators Award, for female entrepreneurs aged 30 or under: Ms Kristina Tsvetanova from Bulgaria, who is CEO and co-founder of the Austrian company, BLITAB Technology, which has produced the first tablet for blind users, called BLITAB.

The EU Prize for Women Innovators aims at raising public awareness of the need for more innovation and more women entrepreneurs (only 31% of entrepreneurs in the EU are women), at recognising the success of women in innovation and at creating strong role models. Besides, this initiative seeks to encourage Europe's use of all its human resources to their full potential in order to remain competitive and to find solutions to economic and societal challenges.

Find out more about the awards ceremony here