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The Internet has created plenty of opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as it has revolutionised the dynamics of international commerce and is an excellent means to boost brand visibility.

The Internet acts as a gateway for SMEs, but it is also an ideal platform for infringers to sell counterfeit products and commit fraud. One of the most significant challenges related to Internet fraud is cybersquatting.

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This document is the first of a series which aim at providing guidance for SMEs, researchers and any other entity wishing to answer a call for proposal in the FP7. The present fact sheet is followed by a second one on ‘How to manage IP in FP7 during the negotiations stage’, and a third and final fact sheet on ‘How to manage IP in FP7 during and after the project’. All these fact sheets are strictly interconnected so that a thoroughgoing reading of the three is strongly advisable for a better understanding of the issues at stake as well as to having a general overview of the entire FP7 process.

This document provides a practical overview of the Intellectual Property (IP) rules applicable in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Union for research, technological and demonstration activities (2007 – 2013). It further explains where these rules may be found and the terminology commonly used.