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The Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME), the successor to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme (EIP) under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP, 2007-2013), is a new European Union (EU) programme which will run from 2014 to 2020 and is meant to encourage and increase the sustainable competitiveness of European Union enterprises and SMEs. Its support activities will focus on the following four areas:

  •  Facilitating and improving access to finance for SMEs, in the form of loan guarantees and equity facility
  • Supporting internationalisation of SMEs and improving SMEs’ access to markets, through the development of support services such as the Enterprise Europe Network or the China, Latin America and South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesks
  • Creating more favourable conditions for business creation and growth, for example through the reduction of the administrative and regulatory burden and the identification and exchange of best practices among national administrations to improve SME policy

Promoting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture through the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan (including for example the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs, and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs)

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There are several ways to get funding under the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME) programme

  • Contracts and grants – in the section “Contracts and grants” on COSME’s website, you can find all open calls for proposals, calls for tenders and calls for expressions of interest. The list is updated often, so it is advisable to check it regularly:
  • Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) – you can apply for funding through your local partner of the EEN. A list of EEN branches can be found here:
  • Local financial intermediaries - COSME funds can also be obtained via local financial intermediaries for loan guarantee or venture capital. Find the one closest to you:

Please be aware that COSME does not support research and innovation activities. These are supported under the Horizon 2020 programme. You can read more about Horizon 2020 here: and in the Horizon 2020 section of our FAQ.

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As the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME) programme is not research-oriented, the IP-related provisions established in the COSME Model Grant Agreement are scarce and not detailed.

The general rule established in the COSME Model Grant Agreement in terms of ownership is that the results of the action are owned by the beneficiaries of the grant. Note, however, that specific calls can impose different ownership rules, for example that the ownership of the results of the action will be vested in the European Commission (EC) instead of the beneficiaries. For this reason, it is advisable to check all call documents carefully in order to see whether any specific ownership rules apply.

Furthermore the Intellectual Property Provisions set forth in Articles 19.1 and 19.2 of the Model Grant Agreement provide that the beneficiaries must give each other, and their affiliated entities, access rights to the pre-existing IP rights necessary for the implementation of the action and to the compliance with their obligations under the Grant Agreement.