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Yes. The European IPRHelpdesk´s services are conceived to raise awareness of IPR and to provide tailored support on IP issues within research, development and innovation EU funded programmes. The European IPR Helpdesk provides, thus, free of charge expertise and IP related information concerning consortium agreements to the users.

Nevertheless, it does not provide legally binding advice. Users should contact competent authorities, organisations, private consultancies or experts in case any additional advice is needed.

For further information, please visit our services homepage.

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The Grant Agreement establishes the main rights and obligations of participants towards the European Commission and is, generally, based on models prepared to be applied in all projects. This agreement lacks, therefore, detailed provisions on the specific project and consortium.

Thus, it is highly recommended (if not mandatory) that participants sign between them a Consortium Agreement aimed to establish in detail the rules on the internal management of the consortium, namely in terms of IP matters.