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Transferring projects results to a new entity
Technology Licensing-in
Eurostars Consortium Agreement Skeleton
Guidance on How to draw up coordination agreement in Horizon 2020 joint actions
Efficiently preparing the negotiation of access rights to a patentable invention
Confidentiality considerations during project preparation
Guide to Intellectual Property Rights in Horizon 2020
New model consortium agreement for H2020 projects
Intellectual Property in biotechnology
Open Access to scientific publications and research data in Horizon 2020: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
IP management in Horizon 2020: project implementation and conclusion
How to manage IP in Horizon 2020: grant preparation stage
Allocation of shares of jointly developed results
IP Management in Horizon 2020: Proposal Stage
Commercialising Intellectual Property: Knowledge Transfer Tools
Publishing v. patenting
IPR management in software development
Projects acronyms and trade marks: preventing risks
IP joint ownership
Background in FP7 Projects
The plan for the use and dissemination of foreground in FP7
The importance of an IP management structure in a research project
IP Management in the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme
Resolving potential IPR conflicts within an FP7 project
IP management in FP7 Marie Curie Actions
Protecting project results
How to reap the benefit of standardisation in R&D
Foreground in FP7 projects
Defining fair and reasonable conditions in a project for the benefit of SME associations
How to deal with IP related clauses within Consortium Agreements
How to manage IP in FP7 during the negotiations stage
IP specificities in research for the benefit of SMEs
IP rules applicable to Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme Projects
Intellectual Property rules within the Fusion for Energy contractual framework
How to manage IP in FP7 during and after the project
How to manage IP in FP7 during the proposal stage
Introduction to IP rules in FP7 Projects