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EPO launches a selection of SME case studies!
Designview - The Online Consultation Tool for Designs
Managing confidentiality when starting a business
A path through an innovation ecosystem
Intellectual property relevance in internationalisation
The Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of Results in Horizon 2020
Intellectual property and business plans
Slovenia implements e-filing for trade marks and designs
IP leverage for biotechnical innovations
The EU IPR Helpdesk Team @ The ICT Proposers’ Day 2014: Florence
IP relevance in the SME Instrument
Project acronym, trade mark and joint ownership - what procedure should we follow for a joint trade mark application?
Intellectual property considerations for medical devices
EPO launch of new online filing tool
Defending and enforcing IP
WIPO Pearl launched, a Free Multilingual Terminology Database
ICC IP research paper on trade secrets
ICC IP Roadmap 2014
Intellectual Property considerations for business websites
Competitive advantages achieved through design protection
Intellectual Property in biotechnology
Madrid Yearly Review on International Registrations of Trade Marks
Low cost branding protection with IP services support
European IPR Helpdesk templates on NDAs and MoUs updated
IP Key’s EU-China Utility Model Systems Questionnaire Exchange
IP Marketplace
Managing IP for your business in the MERCOSUR and Chile
WIPO’s guide on secrets of IP for small and medium-sized exporters is now available also in Turkish
National Patent and Trade Mark Offices in Europe
Commercialising Intellectual Property: Franchising
D.A Glass: IP opportunity with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network
IP assets for financial advantages
Are you involved in environmentally friendly technologies? There is a new marketplace available for you!
Banking on IP?
Automatic Patent Analysis
Patents for software? A new publication of the EPO
Commercialising Intellectual Property: Knowledge Transfer Tools
NaturallyUnlimited Ltd: company understanding of IP
Cost-Effective IP Tools
Commercialising Intellectual Property: Assignment Agreements
Commercialising Intellectual Property: Internal Product Development
Publishing v. patenting
New brochure of the European IPR Helpdesk on brokerage events
A guide to applying for your international patent
IPR management in software development
A double-line IP strategy for start-ups
Intellectual Property Valuation
IP in the fashion industry
EPO Patent Information News issue 2/2013 is available online
IP joint ownership
European patents and the grant procedure
Does the Patent Cooperation Treaty work?
IP Tradeportal
Commercialising Intellectual Property: Spin-offs
Commercialising Intellectual Property: Licence Agreements
“Choosing the right IP adviser” Booklet
Inventorship, Authorship and Ownership
IP strategy and management in an SME
Commercialising Intellectual Property: Joint Ventures
Leveraging patents for business growth
Managing IP information for international business opportunity
Efficient resolution of disputes in R&D collaborations, licensing and other technology transfer
How to search for trade marks
IP due diligence: assessing value and risks of intangibles
How to manage confidential business information
How to deal with IP-related issues in transnational negotiations
Non-disclosure agreement: a business tool
ROMARIN (International Trade Mark system)
PATENTSCOPE (Search International and National Patent Collections)
ESPACENET (free access to patent documents worldwide)
IP issues in brokerage events
How to search for patent information