Sample cases


If you are curious about the type of IP queries that the Helpline experts have recently been dealing with, these are the examples.

How to handle signing procedures when concluding MoU/NDAs with multiple partners.

Project acronym registered as a trade mark? Can you jointly own a trade mark? What procedure you should follow for a joint trade mark application?

Protection of the appearance of jewellery items under intellectual property.

How to protect your Company's goodwill in order to prevent misappropriation from your competitors on the market?

How to protect a method - exercises and breathing techniques - in order to prevent other companies or acting teachers from copying and selling them as their own?

Setting up your own company website. Will it be protected by intellectual property rights?

Patent vs. design. Protection of different features of a product with different intellectual property rights.

Is it possible to protect an algorithm, which controls the management of a hardware equipment, while at the same time keeping it secret?

Safety related issued concerning confidential data stored in Cloud.

Possibilities of  commercially reusing in your own business the results and ideas developed whilst working for universities and research institutions.