Can non-European affiliated entities enjoy access rights?

The general Model Grant Agreement (MGA) in articles 25.4 and 31.4 foresees access rights only for affiliated entities established in a Member State or in an associated country. However, beneficiaries are free to agree on more favourable or broader access rights, e.g. access rights to affiliated other than those mentioned above, including non-European affiliated entities.

For how long are participants under the obligation to grant access rights?

Access rights to background and results for the implementation of the project shall be given to other beneficiaries until the end of the project, even by the participants that leave the project before its completion.

On the other hand, requests for access rights to background and results from other beneficiaries for exploiting their own results shall be made up to one year after the end of the project.

Can a parent company benefit from access rights to background and results as an affiliated entity, if its daughter company is a partner in a H2020 project?

According to article 2.1(2) and in conjunction with the article 8.2 of the Rules for Participation, an affiliated entity means any legal entity that is:

-under the direct or indirect control of a participant, or

-under the same direct or indirect control as the participant, or

-directly or indirectly controlling a participant.