Friday, 29.11.2019
10:30 -12:00 AM
European IP Helpdesk
Francesca Toso, WIPO; Michele Dubbini, European IP Helpdesk

Short description of the webinar:

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Rights and awareness related to the (cultural) tourism industry and our cultural heritage. This juxtaposition is not seen everyday in our economy where the first idea that comes to our mind while we talk about innovation is necessarily looking at technical inventions and, therefore, patents. However, Intellectual Property Rights do not mean only patents, just as innovation does not always mean only looking into the future: often the best way to innovate is to valorise what we already have.

This webinar, carried out in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and “EUROPETOUR–Vocational Training in Cultural Tourism for European Heritage” focusses on the importance that the use of certain Intellectual Property tools and strategies may play when it comes to development of tourism industries. Specifically, this might be an important issue for the cultural tourism sector. How can producers and service providers benefit from the correct management of IP rights, and what advantages do the very same rights grant to consumers, or tourists?

This webinar is divided in two main parts:

  1. Francesca Toso, Senior Advisor, Office of the Deputy Director General, Development Sector World Intellectual Property Organization, will explain the problematics and opportunities of using Intellectual Property tools in connection with tourism, sharing her experience in this field resulting from multiple projects carried out by WIPO;
  2. Michele Dubbini, IP and Innovation advisor (Eurice GmbH) and member of the Training and Awareness Raising Team of the European IP Helpdesk will explain some technical aspects of Intellectual Property Rights connected to tourism and cultural heritage.

Learning objectives bullet points:

  • Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Rights:  what do they have to do with tourism, why can they be important for consumers and offers?
  • Products and quality:  the connection between goods and Intellectual Property Rights and the tourists’ perspective.
  • Sustainable tourism and Intellectual Property:  the service and goods providers perspective.
  • Intellectual Property as a key for the development of successful industries sectors and spots
  • Example of successful application of IP and IPR to the tourism sector
  • Most commonly used Intellectual Property Rights in the field:
  • Geographical indication and appellation of origin
  • Trademarks, collective and registration marks, use and registration
  • How to check the opportunities of tourism stakeholders for their products and services

The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes, 30 minutes per main part plus 15 minutes of questions for the speakers.