Webinar: "IP Valuation: Understanding the Financial Value of Your IP Portfolio" Event

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Tuesday, 02.02.2016
EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
Efrat Kasznik, Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Busines


Under its new service "EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk", the EU-Japan Centre supports EU and Japanese companies and individuals in their steps to search for and acquire technologies, as well as bridging the knowledge gap about current available technologies from both Japan and the EU.

With this aim, the Centre organises a webinar "IP Valuation: Understanding the Financial Value of Your IP Portfolio" targeting the EU and Japanese companies seeking to understand the value of their IP as a strategic business asset, from the viewpoint of a variety of stakeholders. 

The webinar aims to provide information on:

  • IP valuation perspectives,
  • IP valuation Reporting Gap,
  • IP valuation methodologies and how to choose among them,
  • IP valuation in special circumstances: funding, mergers and acquisitions,
  • best practices to maximize the value of IP portfolios.

The webinar is only open to European Union and Japanese companies, universities, and research institutions. 

More information about the event and registration details are available here.