EU IPR Helpdesk Ambassador Scheme

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The EU IPR Helpdesk ambassador scheme: Fostering a network of regional IP focal points in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network

One of the major objectives of the EU IPR Helpdesk is to raise IP awareness and build capacities among European SMEs all across Europe. This is primarily done by providing on-site training events in the different European countries, by participating in local awareness raising events, and by developing and disseminating a broad range of useful publications such as guidelines, checklists and fact sheets that deal with different aspects of IP – in business or in collaborative research. The official language applied in all these activities is English.

However, when it comes to addressing SMEs in the specific European regions, a language barrier still becomes evident. The latter needs to be overcome in order to make SMEs reap the full benefit of the Helpdesk services, and to empower them to use IPR more efficiently. In this respect a strong network of regional IP focal points, i.e. “ambassadors”, that are able to promote the Helpdesk services and to provide basic IP training and information in the respective local tongue is imperative.

Enterprise Europe Network partners perfectly qualify as “ambassadors” since you are in close contact with “your” local SMEs, you know their specific needs and requirements with regard to IP and: you speak their language. At the same time you may welcome additional IP support provided by the Helpdesk team. In addition, you will benefit from the extensive training and information material made available by the EU IPR Helpdesk experts to strengthen IP knowledge and increase awareness among SMEs on national/regional level.


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Interested in joining forces with us, and becoming an EU IPR Helpdesk ambassador in your country/region? Learn more about our application procedure here.


Should you have any questions related to the cooperation scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email at: