New Webinar! Standardisation, IPR and Horizon 2020



At a time when Europe needs more and more innovation in order to remain competitive on the global stage, IP management and standardisation can be a bridge between research, innovation and the market leading to significant economic benefits.

The management of intellectual property  and the use of standards support innovation by providing an important basis for developing solutions and are essential for market update.

The European IPR Helpdesk and CEN and CENELEC seek to link the worlds of research and innovation to standardisation on the one hand and IP management on the other hand by the so-called “Integrated Approach”. The Integrated Approach provides a mechanism to make sure that standardisation and early-stage IP management mechanisms are integrated in research and innovation projects. It aims at:

  • raising awareness of the benefits of standardisation and IP management in the research and innovation process; 
  • transferring research results and outcomes of innovation activities into standardisation; 
  • fully exploiting project results and the functions of standards for research and innovation activities in order to increase the competitiveness of the EU.
How to address IP and standardisation in Horizon 2020

How to address IP and standardisation in Horizon 2020

The European IPR Helpdesk, CEN and CENELEC, invite you to participate in the new webinar session: "How to address IP and standardisation in Horizon 2020".

14th March 2017

Standards and IPR

Standards and IPR

We invite you to follow the second webinar of our collaborative webinar series....

10th October 2017