IP for business

IPforBusiness - IP Training Roadshow for Innovation Support        


Why? & What?

Reflecting the strong demand for business-oriented IP training offers, the European IPR Helpdesk and the European Patent Academy are organising the European-wide IPforBusiness - IP Training Roadshow for Innovation Support, consisting of 12 IP training events in 12 different European countries.

The training content is based on reviewed training modules of the IP4inno platform, a selection of SME case studies just elaborated by EPO experts, a first-hand update about the Unitary Patent and various contributions of local IP and innovation support stakeholders like the National Patent Offices or the Enterprise Europe Network.

Hands-on approach by the SME case studies: These companies have used patents and the European patent system to their benefit and created value by successfully including patents in their business strategy.

The SMEs have agreed to share their experience with us. This will increase your understanding of the potential impact of IP for your business, both in the current regime and possibly more in the future Unitary Patent regime. This includes the simplification of administrative procedures, reduced filing costs and the streamlining of litigation.

We are convinced that any kind of SME could benefit from patents in similar ways and exploit them to the benefit of their business if developing the right IP strategies and installing sound IP management.

The long story in short: 

  • Being an SME, why should you bother with IP/IP management ? – Why does IP matter?
  • Understanding IP strategy and IP management as a business asset for SMEs (with a clear focus on specific needs and challenges for SMEs) – What needs to be done?
  • Concrete case studies demonstrating successful IP management and implementation activities in specific technology/business sectors as well as in different environments (Start-up vs. medium-sized company)  – How can SMEs implement an IP strategy?


The on-site training scheme is going to consist of a series of 12 IP training sessions for emerging businesses that take place in different countries around Europe until the end of 2018.


The main target groups of the training scheme are IP managers of SMEs and their advisors.



you need to register for each event individually, just click on the event you would like to attend.



25 September 2017 | DUBLIN, Ireland

12 October 2017 | TALLINN, Estonia

05 December 2017 | LILLE, France


25 January I VILNIUS, Lithuania 

26 February I RIGA, Latvia

14 March I ROME, Italy

31 May I BERLIN, Germany

08 June I PRAGUE, Czech Republic 

20 Sep I ATHENS, Greece

27 Sep I AMSTERDAM, Netherlands

09 Oct I PORTO, Portugal

29 Nov I SOFIA, Bulgaria

.....last details for SOFIA will follow asap!