• Feedback from an SME based in Spain

    Thank you very much for your prompt response. We will take into account your advice before taking actions. Thank you for your support and your collaboration.

  • A Horizon 2020 participant based in the US tells us

    Thank you very much for your greatly informative and speedy response! It is much appreciated.

  • A user from a Spanish university writes

    To contact the European IPR Helpdesk is the only legal help concerning FP7 contracts that is available to us, because our own legal department has little to no knowledge about the FP programme (even the English language in itself poses a problem!). So for entities like us public (university) it is of great value to have your support. Thank you very much.

  • An EEN member writes

    The website is great as it is. I like how the design is very simple and clean without much clutter. It is very straighforward and easy to use.

  • Feedback from a Portuguese research institution

    A great and valuable support and assistance service for IP issues. I will definitely recommend it.

  • An EEN member in the UK tells us

    Thanks again for another great helpdesk response. I am now talking my client through the points addressed and we will get back to you if required. Keep up the excellent work, we really appreciate it.