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The IP Teaching Kit – a new and extensive collection of teaching materials from the EPO

The European Patent Office (EPO) has published a new product that builds directly on and extends the Patent Teaching Kit. Developed in co-operation with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), the IP Teaching Kit is a much more extensive set of teaching materials that covers all kinds of intellectual property.

IP Basics, the first part of the kit, has just been released and provides the tools to give students from a whole range of different levels and backgrounds lectures and presentations on not only patents, copyright, trade marks and designs, but also smaller areas such as utility models and geographical indications.

The remaining two parts of the kit, IP Advanced and IP Search Tools, will be published in the coming months.

If you would like to learn more about IP Basics, visit the EPO website at, where you can download the kit in English, French or German.

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European IPR Helpdesk templates on NDAs and MoUs updated

We are pleased to inform you that the European IPR Helpdesk has updated its Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)  that can now be used independently of the kind of negotiations that you enter into, both in the context of EU-funded projects and for international partnerships.

In addition to that, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Horizon 2020 has been created. Alongside the one already available for FP7, the new document reflects the few changes brought by the new Horizon 2020 rules.

All these templates can be found and freely downloaded in the European IPR Helpdesk online library, under useful documents.

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IP Key’s EU-China Utility Model Systems Questionnaire Exchange

The “IP Key” project is the European Commission’s financial vehicle for the EU-China New Intellectual Property Cooperation, an agreement between the EU and China. IP Key is a three-year project, ending in 2016, implemented by the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) in partnership with the European Patent Office (EPO). Its aim is to facilitate development of an IP framework in China for EU businesses that is increasingly effective, fair, transparent, and otherwise based upon international best practices.

This activity aims to gather questions from European businesses, government bodies, and other European institutions on the workings of the Chinese utility model system. The purpose of this exchange is: (1) to provide European stakeholders clarity on the workings of China’s utility model system; (2) use this clarity to inform discussions on utility model patent quality; and (3) create an opportunity to let the Chinese government learn more about the utility model systems in Europe, and through this set the foundation for best-practices sharing at the SIPO-IP Key utility model patent seminar to be held in May 2014.

All questions will be collated and combined into one document, with askers’ names remaining anonymous, and sent by IP Key to SIPO (by early April 2014). SIPO’s answers, which IP Key will request to be as detailed as possible, will be returned to those participating in the questionnaire drafting (in late April 2014). Likewise, SIPO is compiling a questionnaire on the workings of the utility model systems in different EU Member States which will be answered and returned to SIPO.

To complete the questionnaire,please click here.  The deadline for submission is 18:00, 26th February.

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IP Marketplace

IP Marketplace is managed by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office and is an online display window where you can look for trading partners and other kinds of partnership. IP Marketplace is free of charge for both buyers and sellers.

At IP Marketplace you can put your patents, patent applications, utility models, design and trade marks - so-called IP rights - up for sale or out-licensing. You can also use IP Marketplace when searching for IP rights to buy or in-license, or when you are looking for partners for innovation projects that build on patentable knowledge.

You can access IP Marketplace here.

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Exploitation channels for public research results

We are pleased to inform you that the European IPR Helpdesk has released a new fact sheet on the "Exploitation channels for public research results".

This fact sheet has the aim to present tools, tips and practices for public research organisations (PROs) to convert the knowledge resulting from publicly funded research activities into socio-economic benefits. This can be achieved in different ways, not only through direct commercialisation tools, but also via collaborative or contract research conducted in co-operation with or commissioned by the industry. In so doing, the dissemination and transfer of the generated knowledge to the market would therefore be ensured, with the objective of creating products and services to enhance social welfare.

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Safe to be Open: a legal study on open access for research data

OpenAIRE, an EU project whose aim is to support the implementation of Open Access in Europe, has recently released a study examining the legal requirements for different kinds of usage of research data in an open access e-infrastructure.

The existing legal framework regarding potentially relevant intellectual property (IP) rights is analysed from the general European perspective as well as from that of selected EU Member States. Various examples and usage scenarios are used to explain the scope of protection of the potentially relevant IP rights. In addition different licence models are analysed in order to identify the licence that is best suited to the aim of open access.

For further information, please click here; the full-text of the book is available free here.

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Copyright management and Creative Commons in FP7

The Creative Commons initiative is not incompatible with copyright and on the contrary is based on the existence of copyright protection, since it allows the work to be licensed to others interested in using the material.

Take a look at this new case study to see how the use of Creative Commons licences can be beneficial for dissemination of project results, without undermining legal protection.

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Commercialising Intellectual Property: Franchising

This fact sheet, as a part of the series on “Commercialising IP”, deals with franchising. According to the statistics of the European Franchise Federation, in 2009 the EU-17 Member States had more than 10,000 franchise brands, 10.8% of which represented the share of employment among small and medium sized-enterprises (SMEs). Franchising has been increasingly used by European companies and individuals as a route for exploitation of intangibles and expansion of their business to other territories and countries. This fact sheet will therefore help you understand what franchising is and particularly why it is an attractive business option, whether you are a potential Franchisor or Franchisee. Moreover, you will find in this document information on the legal environment in Europe and a checklist of the main steps to take when establishing a franchising partnership.

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Are you involved in environmentally friendly technologies? There is a new marketplace available for you!

Last week the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) launched a new marketplace for environmentally friendly technologies: the WIPO GREEN.

According to WIPO, this free-of-charge database:

  • offers green technology providers greater visibility for their products, services and IP assets (including inventions, patents, technologies and know-how) for sale or license, helping to attract partners and finance.
  • advertises technological needs – including specific technologies and IP assets, funding, training and professional services.
  • lists innovative green technologies, IP assets and experts, which makes it a useful resource for investors, entrepreneurs and licensing managers looking to construct and execute deals in the green technology space.
  • helps facilitate commercial relationships and transactions by connecting green technology providers and seekers, and acting as a gateway to a range of relevant services.
  • hosts a freely accessible online roster of green technology consultants and service providers, who offer expertise in a wide range of areas including IP management, licensing and investment.
  • acts as a gateway to useful IP services, such as WIPO’s Arbitration and Mediation Center.
  • enables members to meet a wide range of stakeholders – including SMEs, multinational companies, intergovernmental organizations, investors and academics – thereby providing new opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

For further information, please click here.

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Make Good Ideas Happen

The University of Malta in collaboration with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise, and Industry & Isis Innovation, the technology transfer company of the University of Oxford, is organising a series of engaging seminars on Intellectual Property and Knowledge Transfer.

To have more information on the different seminars’ topics and to register, please click here.

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