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Bulletin No. 1 Licensing


What do you think is the most important factor when it comes to finding a commercialisation partner for a new technology?

Without a question: Having a plan and approaching dozens of companies potentially interested in the technology. Think about potential application fields and then create a list of potential partners. Sort them in most likely interested (group A), potentially interested (group B) and somewhat interested (group C). Approach the somewhat interested (group C) first and get their feedback. Afterwards, adapt your sales pitch and try the mostly liked interested (group A). If that does not work, go for the potentially interested (group B).

What is “special” about GoodIP?

We focus on technology buyers. Based on the search interests and preferences of our corporate partners as well as reviews from our technology experts, we analyse and create technology recommendations tailored to the needs of companies interested in such new technologies.

What advantage do technology owners have in presenting their technologies on your platform?

Our platform is a single point of contact for innovative technologies that are for sale or licensing. GoodIP establishes direct contact with potential buyers and opens the iron doors of companies which technology developers and start-ups often cannot unlock.

The presentation of the technologies is also a point where we stand out and want to make it easier for technology owners to market their technologies. A short

intro of the technology, creative videos and reviews from our expert community create proximity to the potential customer.

Why do you think such a new approach is necessary?

I have a serious question for you: How many of all technologies are currently sold or licensed? Are you sitting down? We have some bad news for you. It’s actually less than 5% of all technologies! We need a new approach to achieve more, much more!

Where do you currently see a need for development, especially in comparison: Europe vs. US & Asia?

European universities, start-ups and SMEs are innovative forces that do not have to hide from their competitors in the US and Asia. However, compared with their counterparts in the US they exploit their intellectual

“We are driven by the desire to work with the most talented people to bring technologies that could change our lives to the market.”

We sat down with Bastian July, co-founder of GoodIP, to talk about the challenges and current barriers of matching new technologies and markets.

property much less and hardly ever license it out. They focus on bringing products to market while they could also license-out their technologies to conquest new product markets and geographical markets.

What successes have you had so far?

As a start-up we are constantly growing. We have just been admitted to the highly selective start-up accelerator program of the Entrepreneurship Center at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and are supported by FLUXUNIT, the venture capital arm of OSRAM. This is a great honour and privilege for us. We developed results-driven licensing strategies for start-ups, SME and large corporations in Germany, the Netherlands and Asia. Our major project at the moment is the prototype development of the AI-based matching algorithm on our platform.

GoodIP is a recommendation platform for innovative technologies

Innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs use the GoodIP platform to draw attention to their technologies in a creative, appealing and understandable way. On the other hand, there are the technology buyers and licensees SMEs as well as growing tech companies that have one thing in common: They understand that in the future they can only survive through open innovation and bringing in technologies from innovative minds. GoodIP provides technology recommendations to these potential buyers and licensees. Based on reviews from technology experts as well as their company’s search fields, potential buyers receive customized recommendations, revolutionising the technology transfer market. And GoodIP is going to add an AI-based matching algorithm soon.

Sample Case: How Inventors Present their Technologies

This invention comes from nature. Two Thai high school students show how you can make plastic out of a completely natural product. Make plastic organic! Watch their video and learn more about the invention on the GoodIP platform:

Last buy not least, could you tell us a little about yourself?

I am 42 years old and a co-founder of GoodIP. Prior to founding GoodIP, I coordinated the patent disputes and licensing agreements of Osram and the semiconductor manufacturer Lantiq (now Intel) worldwide. I am driven by the desire to work with the most talented people to bring technologies that could change our lives to the market. My GoodIP’s co-founder, Christina is 22 years old and is graduating from the Technical University of Munich and brings energy and promising ideas to our company. During her studies she co-founded the social startup Townbee and has always had a strong sense of entrepreneurship and leadership.

Thank you very much for answering our questions today!