Did you visit the revamped Horizon Results Platform yet? As part of the EU Funding & Tenders Portal, it enables EU-funded projects to showcase their results in view of future exploitation in research, business and politics. At the same time, the European Commission uses the platform to highlight upcoming calls, pitching events and other relevant news.

The Horizon Results Platform provides the beneficiaries of FP7 and H2020 funding programmes with a free, online space where they can essentially “advertise” the Key Exploitable Results (KER’s) of their projects to desired audiences and key stakeholders. The platform makes it easy for beneficiaries to manage their results in a single and safe environment, while assisting beneficiaries in matchmaking, by collecting information relevant to the type and nature of their project result, including specific needs, result maturity and policy influence.

Projects which already published their results on the former platform are invited to rework and edit their entries. In case of any questions, please contact