The Innovation Union Communication includes an action aiming at improving the economic exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). According to the Communication, "by the end of 2011, working closely with Member States and stakeholders, the Commission will make proposals to develop a European knowledge market for patents and licensing.”

With the purpose to gather the necessary information on the possible EU policy tools to improve the economic exploitation of IPR, the Commission has commissioned the study "Creating a financial marketplace for IPR in Europe" aiming at presenting the challenges and opportunities that could arise if an IPR Financial Market were created in Europe. The final report on the study was presented at the end of last year.

Additionally, the Commission requested an expert group to analyse other options, in particular:

  • “an EU IPR exchange platform, i.e., a website facilitating the contact between the owners of IP rights and potential buyers or licensees;
  • an EU patent fund, i.e., a fund acquiring patents, organising them into technological families and licensing them out.”

The final report entitled "Options for an EU instrument for patent valorisation" was recently published and is available for download here.

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