Designview -  A tool presented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

Why was Designview developed?

As businesses develop and internationalise, they seek to protect their designs in multiple countries at national, regional or international level. Before deciding to apply for design protection, it is important to be aware of already registered designs in the countries of interest. Finding out which designs are already registered can be useful for any business to analyse market tendencies and competitors activities.

Searches for registered designs in different countries are usually possible using online databases and tools provided by the respective countries’ National IP Offices. When doing this, businesses and users are confronted with different search facilities with diverse layouts and functions and available in different languages.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European National Offices represented in the European Trademark and Design Network (EUTMDN, now EUIPN) have decided to provide a helpful solution for users by developing an all-in-one search tool for designs.

A history of success

For enhanced accessibility and interoperability of the diverse national search facilities and tools, EUIPO (formerly known as OHIM) started developing a design search tool called Designview in 2010. The final goal was to enable the users of the IP system to search design applications and registrations in Europe and beyond by using a single search platform.

In 2012, Designview was made available to the public with the design data from several European countries’ IP Offices, and the database has been growing exponentially since then. Due to the successful international cooperation efforts of EUIPO, major non-European economies have joined the tool, making their designs available in the database. These include for example the Republic of Korea, Morocco, Mexico, Russian Federation, Tunisia, Turkey, Canada, China and USA. The most recent integrations added more than 4.2 million designs in total - some 150,000 designs from Canada, 3.3 million designs from China and almost 725.000 designs from US.

Today, Designview is the largest online consultation tool for designs, allowing any Internet user to search, free of charge, more than 9.2 million design applications and registrations from 40 IP Offices including EUIPO – and the database keeps growing. The tool is easy to use and available in 32 languages. It operates through a single and unique platform available  24h/7d.

Since 2012, Designview has served about 1.41 million searches conducted by users from 141 different countries. The top three countries from which searches are conducted are Germany, Spain and the UK.

Why using Designview?

The implementation of Designview considerably changed the way information about designs is made accessible to users. Anybody can perform a design search and generate a printable and customised search report in a very simple manner. Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) can use this report to analyse the market, discover what their competitors are protecting, and thus obtain valuable information about markets in different countries and regions by better exploiting their design search results.

Designview offers a variety of benefits and services, making it a powerful tool for users, including SMEs, to effectively manage their design portfolio:

  • Free of charge: get instant access to more than 9.2 million design applications and registrations
  • Multi-language: carry out design searches in 32 languages
  • Availability: check the availability of your design 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Up-to-date information: the participating IP offices all around the world update the information in the database on a daily basis, through a single and unique platform
  • Easy to use: harmonised access to post-registration services, e.g. email alerts on name changes (change of the applicant/owner of a selected design), on status changes of a selected design or notifications when the expiry date of a design is coming close and which steps might be required for  renewal.
  • Saving time and costs: users can check existing designs from a single common platform, instead of consulting several different platforms
  • Design watch: receive an email notification once a competitor registers a new design that may be similar to your defined criteria
  • Enforcement support: the tool may be used by decisionmakers and enforcement authorities (such as courts and customs) to see the designs that have been registered, to inform their decisions in case of conflict between parties and anti-counterfeit actions.

Building on the success of Designview, a design search tool for Southeast Asian Nations has been launched in August 2015. The “ASEAN Designview”, makes some 100,000 design registrations from ASEAN Member States available and accessible to the public. Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam have already added their designs, and further countries will be added soon.

Online consultation tools for IP are key sources of information for a competitive and robust business strategy that capitalizes on the intellectual business assets. Harmonization of the information and facilities provided across different countries brings considerable benefits to the users, as demonstrated by the success of common tools like Designview and TM View (the trade mark search tool).


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Nominate or apply for the DesignEuropa Awards now: Deadline July 15, 2016

The DesignEuropa Awards celebrate excellence in design and design management among Registered Community Design (RCD) holders. Organised by EUIPO, the Awards  are geared towards firms and individuals who have or successfully use RCDs. The Awards are presented in three categories and in partnership with the Italian Patent and Trade Mark Office. For more information and application details, please read our Bulletin article on the Awards.