Wednesday, 14.10.2020 - Friday, 16.10.2020
European Patent Office (EPO)

This year's Search Matters conference by the European Patent Office (EPO) will be held online on 14-16 October 2020. The event will provide you with a deeper insight into how the EPO examiners tackle the complex task of searching the ever-expanding body of prior art.

Search Matters 2020 will deliver its programme in the format of interactive online workshops and plenary sessions, with a special focus on disruptive technologies such as 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing), CII (computer-implemented inventions) and AI (artificial intelligence).

Some of the topics we'll also explore include:

  • Advanced features in Espacenet
  • Machine translation tool
  • Asian prior art
  • Interrelated patents and applications
  • The problem-solution approach

This high-level event is once again organised by the European Patent Academy and targets patent search professionals from business, academia and IP firms. 

Registration deadline is 1 October 2020.